CLC helps your childbuild a solid structure of reading, language arts, and mathematical skills essential to his or her academic success.  At CLC, we provide a creative and social environment for your children so they may achieve their highest individual potential.

We believe that relationships are the foundation for your child’s social, cognitive, and emotional growth, and physical development.  At CLC, we build strong, meaningful relationships with your children.  Your children will feel confident and safe in a nurturing environment that promotes healthy interactions with both their peers and their teachers.  Our staff provides your children with valuable experiences allowing them to discover the world around them and encouraging them to follow their natural desires for learning through play and structured activities.

CLC provides age-appropriate programs that fulfill the unique needs of your children by providing the children with a rich learning environment fostering their self-confidence and personal growth.  We strongly believe that it is important for your children to feel secure in their environment knowing they are valued and loved by their teachers who know and understand them. 

Good health is important at CLC.  All Meals are included with tuition. Fresh fruit and veggies are served daily and menus are posted weekly outside each classroom.  CLC does its best to accommodate children with special diets.

Safety is a priority at CLC.  CLC has a secure entrance and requires all parents to sign their children in and out daily.  This enables our staff to keep track of all the children throughout the day.  Each classroom takes attendance which is collected at the end of the day to ensure that all children have been picked up. All visitors must sign in and show I.D. 

Licensed, Trained, Group Leaders and Teachers. All of CLC’s teachers and staff are fingerprinted, undergo a background check, and are CPR and first-aid certified.   Each of our six classrooms has at least one Group Leader qualified teacher and the infant room has two.  Each toddler room has an Early Childhood Education supervisor.  Two director-qualified managers oversee CLC on a daily basis.  CLC strives to meet the Colorado's Department of Human Services Child Care rules and adheres to Qualistar guidelines.  CLC recognizes that quality child care demands continual improvements and adjustments to classes and curriculum.

- Communication

Each day, you will receive updates through a Procare Parent Engagement app which allows our teachers to share information as needed, offer contactless check-in and pick-up with QR codes, share milestones, photos and videos, send messages. You are also welcome to use it to send your child's teacher a message.




As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.




We invite you to visit  and work with our teachers to help students get all they can out of their growing years.